Waking up Saturday morning was rough. Sleeping in the back of your car is not always the most efficient way to sleep, but that was my only option to be able to attend the event. In fact it was my first time at this event, as well as my first road trip by myself. Anyways, Saturday morning was warm for this time of the year, breakfast was fired up and I was soon on my way to registration for the Super D. I then decided to peddle to the top of the super D course with a few friends, Will Washam, Caroline Washam, and Matt Meadows. From there on, practice began! Once to the top for my race run, the pre-race nervousness started setting in. My run went great and I ended up with the win. A great day of racing and riding with lots of great people. Saturday was the grand opening of Piney Mtn. Bike Lounge, a new bike shop in Greenville, SC. Saturday night everyone met up at the shop to have drinks and talk about bikes, racing, and the good times that had happened that day. There were a few of us out on the shops new pumptrack, built by Henry Khare, who has done a fantastic job of building and maintaining this pumptrack. By the end of the night there wasn’t a single rollar on that pumptrack that hadn’t been jumped. Late Saturday night, The cold weather came in and made it a rough night. Sunday morning was very cold. It’s a strange feeling when you know you have to race down courses that you’ve never ridden as fast as you can. Registration soon opened and I was on my way to the first stage. Stage 1 went smooth. I went as fast as i could go without knowing the course, I got to the bottom and headed for stage 2. Stage 2 went better than stage 1, I was feeling confident and excited. Stage 3 was the same course as the Super D so I was prepared for stage 3 and I ended up getting the win for the Enduro as well. The Cranksgiving weekend is truly a one of a kind event. A huge hanks to everyone who helped get me here! Kona Bicycles Royal Racing 7 protection Fox Suspensionimage2image1 (3).JPG