Massanutten Resort in VA held the 1st. race for the Maxxis East Coast Gravity Series. First day of practice started off slow with a busted rear wheel, luckily my mechanic/Dad (Evan St.Clair) was there at the Kona tent to put a new wheel on, dial the bike back in and get us riding again. Massanutten has a wide variety of lines to choose from in their, “Yee Ha” race. Lots of different line choices to choose from. Practice day was good, had a couple minor changes in bike setup and dialing in tire pressure and we were ready for race day on Sunday. Then, about 7 P.M. on Saturday night, the rain settled in to stay until noon on Sunday. Practice that morning was eventful to say the least. Unfortunately riders were crashing and having bike trouble with the slick rocks and roots that the course was throwing at everyone. When it came down to the starting of the races, the sun came out and made the rest of the day awesome. All riders besides a couple made it down the mountain safely and very fast. My run went well despite a few miscalculated corners, came down with a time of 3:33.85, 0.19 seconds off the top spot. Massanutten was a fun race with a very fun course, I am looking forward to the race there in September. A big thanks to everyone who helped get me where I am today. Kona Bicycles Royal Racing Seven Protectionimage2