This trip out to Bellingham Washington was awesome. I got to meet people who were happy whether they were digging on a trail or riding their bike. The dirt was unbelievable, it was never to wet even in the rain, and never to dry when the sun was out for days on end. The people who have built these trails have truly done an amazing job. They spend years getting these trails perfect. They all just want to build trail, ride bikes and have a great time. The atmosphere and the vibe you get from people is like no other. Whether you’re a top pro, or just someone who enjoys riding as a hobby, you are immediately accepted right into the community with open arms. While I was out there, I stayed with Brad Walton, Most have said, “The best tour guide there is.” And they weren’t exaggerating, the trails we went on were amazing and all were reachable by riding out of your driveway. Brad helped me get a video together to sum up my trip to Bham. I had the time of my life and am looking forward to my next visit!  Kona Bikes Royal Racing Seven Protection