The Mtn Creek Pro GRT started out great, I got some time to check out the park and get familiar with the terrain. I was able to get my bike dialed in before the first day of practice apart from a few suspension changes. The first day of practice I was taking things slow and decided to really focus on less riding and more learning. I wanted to really learn this track and make sure that I could push each section to the fullest. Each practice went great and I started to pick up speed the morning of seeding. I was feeling on fire and went into seeding feeling great but not sure what to expect. During my seeding run I felt out of rhythm and had no flow throughout the entire run. When I got to the bottom I had no clue that I seeded in first position, so I rolled back over to the pits not knowing I seeded 1st. Going into the day of finals I was feeling awesome, I had a great practice run, and was going for a second when I got a flat. I hurried to the bottom to change it and got a great run in before finals. As I was cleaning the bike and making sure everything was ready to go, the rain started to roll in. I went up early to walk the track a little ways to see how the dirt was looking. It seemed good so I went for it, although I had a lot of mistakes in my run I ended up with the win. I’ve been preparing for this year for a long time. My coach, Evan St.Clair has been pushing me and getting me ready for my senior year as a junior. He has more knowledge in racing than anyone I have met. He has been a professional in many different sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, and cycling. He knows racing inside and out, and not only does he help with racing skills, he also provides a strong mental edge that helps keep me focused when on course. If there’s one thing I feel he has taught me above all, is to race with honor and integrity no matter the circumstances. This was a great venue, and I can’t be more happy with how it turned out. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has been involved with my racing career, as well as Transition, Troy Lee Designs, Fox, Shimano, Anvl, Industry Nine, Defeet, Cane Creek and Muc-Off!

Next up… Val Di Sole, Italy and Vallnord, AndorraIMG_2794-1.jpegCopy of IMG_4687.JPG