For my first Pro GRT I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got there. First thing early Thursday morning was track walk. Max Morgan helped me get all my lines figured out and was giving me great pointers on how to ride the course sections. My first practice run down, went rather well considering the very difficult course, I instantly hit most of my lines, apart from a few moves. The course was pretty rough, loose and almost unpredictable. The first day went great and we headed back to the hotel to relax. Friday morning was rather a shock as I quickly realized it had rained quite alot through the night. We got to the track and put a mud tire on the front and I went up for my first run. My first practice run was survival all the way down, it was slick, the rocks were wet and the mud was deep. That day I did a few more runs and the track was drying out more and more as the day went on. Practice continued on until it was time for seeding runs, All the pro men, pro women, and junior x went to the top of the mountain for their seeding run. When it was my turn to take my run I was unsure on how I would do as this was my very first Pro GRT race. As my run started, it was going great, I was hitting all of my lines perfect. I got towards the bottom to a rock garden and I got off of my line and went into a hole and went down pretty hard, I got up as quickly as possible and continued my run as best as I could. I got to the bottom to realize that even with my crash I still qualified in 6th place. My left shoulder and left thigh were hurting pretty bad at this point so me and my Dad packed everything up and left for the hotel, I didn’t realize what was happening as my Dad looks at me and says “You’re going to hate me”. We stopped in the grocery store to get 60lbs of ice to go back and take an ice bath. My Dad knew just how to fix me up, and Saturday morning after a few practice runs I was feeling fresh and ready to race. My race run went smooth despite hitting a tree with my handlebars, and I came down and sat in the hot seat until i got knocked off by Steven Walton and Nik Nestoroff to finish with a third place. The weekend was an absolute blast, I meet more and more rad people every time I go to a race. If it wasn’t for my family and all of my sponsors, I would not be able to get to these races. Also, if it wasn’t for My Dads awesome mechanic work getting my bike dialed after every run and keeping me going, as well as Max Morgan for giving me tips throughout the race weekend and helping me keep my head in the right place, I would not have had the weekend I had. So, Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am at. Kona Bikes  Shimano Fox  Royal Racing 7Protection